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Alaskan Fishing at it's Finest

Riversong Lodge Alaskan Fishing Lodge

Riversong Lodge is located at Lake Creek, a famous Alaskan river offering all five species of Pacific Salmon as well as Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling and Northern Pike. The lodge is 70 air miles northwest of Anchorage on the southern bank of the Yentna River at the confluence of Lake Creek. Riversong is accessible by floatplane only.


The Lodge

Riversong Lodge Alaskan Fishing Lodge - See all of the lodge photos, including photos of all types of fish species available through the fishing excursions.

Riversong Lodge was hand-built from native white spruce logs and offers rustic riverside comfort. 

Photo Gallery

Riversong Lodge Fly Fishing Excursions - Casting in the legendary waters of Lake Creek is an experience not to be missed.