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What to Bring - Fishing Gear

Riversong Fly Fishing Excursions

For more general information on what to bring to Alaska, please see our What to Bring page.

Our guides are fully equipped with the necessary rods, reels, and terminal tackle for your use. For those of you that choose to bring your own gear, the following is recommended:

Spin Fish Equipment (salmon)

  • 6 ½ foot to 9 foot medium rod with matching reel
  • 25 pound test for Kings and 12-14 pound test for other salmon species
  • Kwikfish (K16), Mag Warts and 7/8 ounce Pixees
  • 6/0 single hooks for Kings, 2/0 for other salmon species
  • Coil lead with rubber tubing or other variety weights

Fly Fish Equipment (salmon)

  • 8 foot to 10 foot rod of nine to eleven weight for Kings and seven to eight weight for other salmon species
  • Matching high capacity reel with 30lb test backing for Kings and 20lb backing for other salmon species
  • Floating lines will be primarily used. Fast sink tip or shooting head lines will be used in the early season for Kings
  • Variety of large flashy streamers

Fish Equipment (Trout/Grayling)

  • 5 foot to 7 foot ultra-light to light weight spinning rod with matching reel
  • 4 to 8 pound test line
  • Assorted light spinners, spoons or plugs
  • 7 ½ foot to 10 foot four to six weight fly rod and matching reel
  • Nine to ten foot 3x and 4x leaders
  • Egg sucking leeches (#4-8), black and olive sculpin patterns (#2-6), variety of streamers, 6mm and 8mm beads in assorted colors, small glo bugs, variety of small dry flies (#12-16) such as Grizzly Wulffs, Adams, Royal Coachmen, Gnats and Mosquitos. Riversong Alaskan Fishing Lodge Riversong fly fishing excursion.